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We offer a comprehensive range of aviator-specific eyewear including:

- Scheyden Precision Eyewear
- Nannini glazeable flying goggles
- Rudy project
- V:one
- Explorer and Navigator


Scheyden Precision Eyewear (£295.00)
We are the sole UK stockist of Scheyden precision eyewear. These high quality and robust frames are designed specifically for working conditions in the cockpit. The dual prescription frames comprise a prescription lens behind a tinted lens flip-up. The tinted flip-up can be lowered in-front of your prescription glasses whenever light intensity becomes too much, or effortlessly flipped back up when not needed. This avoids having to change spectacles for sunglasses in the cockpit or having to remove or replace clip-ons. Non-prescription frames are also available with the flip-up attached. These are suitable for pilots who do not need visual correction but still want the added safety of a tinted lens at the lightest touch. Features include:spring-loaded hinged flip-ups, magnetic locks to hold the flip-up in position, strong, lightweight titanium frames, silicon temple tips & nose pads for maximum comfort. 100% UVA and UVB protection, 7 layer lens technology (non-polarised).

Nannini glazable flying goggle (£85.00)

These open cockpit goggles combine your normal spectacles with your flying goggles. Inside the housing of the goggle is a built-in glazable insert. Your prescription can be incorporated into this insert either as clear glass or tinted to your requirements.  The strap is made from strong elastic and is adjustable to fit the head comfortably. The metal frames have small openings top and bottom to prevent fogging and the soft leather backing is smooth and comfortable against the face. These goggles are a high quality product made from specially designed materials to give lightness and comfort whilst retaining mechanical sturdiness. It is possible to glaze single vision, bi-focal or varifocal lenses into this goggle.



Kabrio Gravity with removeable flipup.(£185.00)

These lightweight, slender design and advanced ergonomic frames feature a fully removable flip up. The flip up can be worn up or down dependent on light conditions or removed completely to reveal its subtle elegance and comfortable design.

Fully glazable to your prescription, these frames feature 360 degree adjustable temple tips, resilient silicon nose pads, spring hinges and a titanium frame.



Kabrio Reload 5 (£185.00)

With removable flip up.

The RELOAD reveals a subtle touch of luxury with hand-made acetate temples and tone-on-tone emblems detailing. Features include trendy full rims, prescription glazable lightweight frame, adjustable silicon nose pads, spring loaded flex hinges and 360 degree adjustable temples to eliminate pinching. The user-friendly and integrated flip-up system incorporates a micrometric angle adjustment.


V:one sunglasses designed with the pilot in mind (£110)
V:one lenses provide 100% UV protection and have been engineered to block out the majority of blue light – offering your eyes the best possible protection. V:one lenses provide exceptional optical clarity, reduce glare and enhance colour contrast, resulting in excellent visibility both inside and outside the aircraft. V:one large lenses cover your full field of vision ensuring your eyes are protected from every angle. 

V:one sunglasses are extremely comfortable to wear. The lightweight metal frames incorporate thin sidearms and slender rubber temple tips, engineered to minimise blind spots in your peripheral vision while fitting snugly under a headset.

Prescription lenses are available in single vision and progressives dependent on prescription.



Explorer frames and sunglasses designed and provided by Aviation Optical and Medical Limited (£185.00)

The Explorer frame is a modified safety frame that provides resistance to impact and a secure fit to prevent slippage during flight manoeuvres. The Navigator frame is built to the same exacting standards and provides the aviator with a stylish and strong reading frame.

* Designed by pilots for pilots, to improve safety and ease of use in the cockpit. 
The only supplier of Explorer frames and attachments.                               

Choice of lenses and tints available to suit your requirements

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